Saturday, 3 March 2012

Psychedelic Slang by Deden Siswanto

Observation and exploration of a designer to the culture and time always produces different output. Deden Siswanto, Eny Ming, Ghea S. Panggabean, and Audy Defrico translates their vision of "pieces of life" in fashion. All wrapped in the Psychedelic Slang fashion show which was held at the Plenary stage on February 25, 2012 as a series of Indonesia Fashion Week 2012.

Deden Siswanto's character is very unique. He always mixs folklore, urban and multi era. His collections looks contemporary vintage and chic. At IFW 2012, the theme of Deden’s show is Debutante Delight. The meeting of two cultures inspires the collections; there are the royal Javanese dress and fashions of Europe in the colonial era. The materials of his collection are cotton, corduroy, canvas, linen and voile.

Posted by: Nenden Alifa SZ

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