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The Dream of Muslim Woman, Irna Mutiara

"Fashion is a style which can represent the characters of the person and the way to raise a culture. - Irna Mutiara

Irna Mutiara is a familiar name to every Muslim women in Indonesia. She is a fashion designer from Bandung with her label Irna La Perle. Irna La Perle is a fashion label which made a wedding dress, cocktail dress, veil, accessories and shoes special for Muslim women. Wearing Irna La Perle’s collections in her special days like graduation, party, and wedding is a dream of every single Muslim woman in Indonesia, or maybe in this world.
Irna La Perle is our line that specialized in glamorous gown for special occasion and wedding gown, designed in classical and elegant style. Available in two sub-lines: wedding gown and party gown for we believe that every woman deserve to be a princess, and there’s always a moment to be. The line’s collection is provided through our independent stores and could also ordered personally as well.
Glamour, Elegant and Classical style is the signature style of Irna Mutiara’s collections. In every Irna La Perle collections which always look elegant and modern, Irna Mutiara always adds ethnic elements to her collections; she uses the technique of sulam usus Lampung. On her hands, she makes sulam usus Lampung looks extraordinary glamour with beads details. The handmade glittery knitted veil is also the signature of her collections.

The veil is a crown for Muslim women (Photo source here)
Every woman deserves to be a princess (Photo source here)

Drapery Style of Irna Mutiara (Photo source here)

Irna Mutiara’s experiences and achievements are doubtless. With her formal background education in fashion and her experience in management fashion industry, she got many fashion achievements. Here are the lists of her achievements in fashion:
  1. Juara I Lomba Rancang Busana Muslim IKIP Bandung (1990)
  2. Juara II Lomba rancang Busana Kreatif Asosiasi Perkestilan Indonesia (1994)  
  3. Juara 1 lomba rancang busana muslim (LRBM) majalah NOOR (2005)
  4. Top Designer Indonesia by Indonesia Islamic Fashion Consortium (IIFC) (2011)
Her achievements in fashion makes her famous abroad. She participated in Motexha Dubai 2008, Motexha Dubai 2009, Arabi Fashion Week 2009, Hongkong Fashion Week 2009, Hongkong Fashion Week 2010, Ina Craft Kuala Lumpur 2011, Moeslim World Biz Kuala Lumpur 2011, Halal Product Expo Turkey, Moeslim World Expo Paris 2011.

"The fact that she join IFW 2012 in the first place, is because she have the ability not just as an incredible fashion designer but also as a fashion entrepreneur, she knows the ultimate chances she could prosper, and how to make a real Indonesian fashion brand to be at global position, and boy she did a super amazing work with great achievements." said Ashfi Qamara.

Stores Locations:
  • Jakarta: Kemang Square Lt.3 Unit 13U, Jl. Kemang raya 5 Jakarta - (021) 71794715
  • Bandung: Jl. Cisangkuy No.56, Bandung - 08161656060
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