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Ardistia Dwiasri, The Meticulous Perfectionist

              Ardistia Dwiasri (Photo credit here)

Ardistia Dwiasri is a New York based designer born in Jakarta 5 July 1979. She is indeed a very experienced business woman and fashion designer in conclusion, graduating from one of the most prestigious fashion school in the world "Parsons" and a Masters degre in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering from Northeastern University.

Ardistia Dwiasri named her label “Ardistia New York” which focuses on women’s ready to wear collection. She coined her designs as sophisticated, timeless, modern and versatile. Her target market are generally women who are active, therefore she provides clothes that is easy to alter in order to adapt to the customer’s busy schedule from day to night.

The label was started in New York and launched its first Fall/Winter 2007 collection in 2006. The label received such great response and feedback from international buyers, media, customers and industry professionals, and so she constantly grows as a designer.

                    Ardistia NewYork Spring/Summer 2011 (Photo credit here)

A great fit and exquisite quality, are the two factors that she emphasize on when she makes   design decisions. “We also incorporate unexpected functional detailing at some of the designs” said Ardistia explaining how she is different from other designers.

Mostly she uses silk, crepe, and stretch techno. Mixing natural fibers with a pinch of synthetic and stretch fabrics. Natural fibers are comfortable and more user-friendly, while synthetic fabrics doesn’t wrinkle easily and it is long-lasting, thus, the two combination works.

Ardistia NewYork Fall/Winter 2011 (Photo credit here)

                          Ardistia NewYork Spring/Summer 2012 (Photo credit here)

Ardistia's collection for IFW2012 is going to be a continual of Spring/Summer 2012 series: Contour Fluidity. The theme represents the inspiration of this collection, which is the works of Italian architect and furniture designer Carlo Mollino. Still clean, modern, versatile with a slight edge to it. Highlighting geometrical accent with meticulous construction balanced with equal-fluidity and fine fabrics.

Ardistia said "Wear what you love”. It is a simple philosophy that she believes about fashion; which to dress based on your personality, mood and to be yourself. Dress what works for you and what you feel comfortable with. Trends come and go, but your dressing taste and personal style remains.

Here are some of the list of her achievements in the fashion industry:

1. Winner of “Are You Runway Ready” Women’s Mafia Fashion Contest, February 2010
2. Finalist of “Plastic Made it Possible” Gen Art Fashion Design Competition, January 2010
3. Fashion Honorable Mentions of London International Creative CompetitionWinner of Biore/Gen Art Fashion Award, Oct 2007

Store and Showroom Location:

Showroom at The Capital, Jakarta
MUSE – Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia
MUSE – Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia
The Grand Palace at The Grand City Mall, Surabaya, Indonesia

Ardistia's contact details: Website : here 
                                        Twitter  : here


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